OG Kush Cannabis Seeds

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OG Kush feminised cannabis seeds will produce a a very potent strain. Many users says it is their favorite because the effect is very strong physically and mentally. This variety was rated by Leafly as the 3rd best strain in 2014.
Seed Type: Feminised, Medical
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OG Kush Cannabis Seeds

OG Kush is originally from Northern California and is one of the best marijuana strains currently available in the world. It was rated by Leafly, which is the world's foremost cannabis information resource as the 3rd Best Strain in 2014. It was first created in the 1990's but it's exact genetic lineage is unknown. Some people argue that it is a cross between Chemdawg with a Lemon Thai and Pakistani Kush.

Strain Specifications

THC 19 - 26%
CBD 0 - 0.3%
Type Feminised Seeds
Mostly Indica 75% Indica, 25% Sativa
Flowering Time 8 weeks

Strain Properties

Medical Use

Stress 100%
Pain 95%
Insomnia 90%
Depression 60%
Lack of Appetite 45%

Medical Effects

Relaxed 100%
Sleepy 70%
Happy 65%
Euphoric 60%
Hungry 45%


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