Welcome to MarijuanaSeeds.com.au the fastest growing Seed Bank in Australia. We were established in June 2013 in Perth, Western Australia and our website provides our members a place to research the cannabis seed genome.

Our marijuana seed genetics are well researched from internationally recognised breeders. Some people say our website offers the most comprehensive data for the best cannabis seed strains available in the world today in addition to a service philosophy that is second to none in Australia. We were the first and are most successful research company in Australia regarding cannabis derived products and services.

Our aim is to help preserve the pool of cannabis genetics for future generations and in doing so will provide the necessary resources for medicinal marijuana patients to eventually grow and produce their own cannabis oil for the use in the prevention and cure of many ailments and conditions without government or other interference.

We are always available to discuss our members requirements with complete confidentiality over the phone or via email. So if you need some advice please contact us or read our frequently asked questions to find the answer you are looking for.

Who Are We?

We are an Australian Seed Bank that was conceived in February 2013 and our current goal is to provide research data on the best cannabis seed strains available in the world. We want information and we know there are so many others out there like us too.

Our current primary objective is to provide our members a place research marijuana seeds available to Australia and to help with sourcing resources available from various international seed breeders.

Our members are vigilant when it comes to researching top quality seed genetics and they understand that the selection process in sourcing top quality seeds is definitely worth the investment. We guarantee a fulfilling member experience and that our research is second to none in Australia.

Australian Seed Bank

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